A new chapter

So I started writing a new book. A thriller. The book had 483 pages and had a great structure. The printing company had managed to gather many reviews from newspapers. After this happened, my book went into the store. It was an exciting period because I wanted more sales than last time. The sales were huge. My second book went viral. The sales were huge. I was approached by many companies if I wanted to write new books and they could have a patent on the sales. I received an offer from an American man and flew to America to see what it was like.

My airline ticket and overnight stays were reimbursed by the man. John was his name. It was a man with a passion for writing. Someone who was already successful in the writing world and had many good books to his name. He recognized talent in me and could not let me go. He wanted to work together. I could write books about what I wanted, he gave me guidance and took care of the rest of the whole process. As time goes on, he will teach me everything so that I can do everything by myself. However, he would help me well until that time.

Back to the Netherlands

I went back to the Netherlands and told my family and friends. They were all very enthusiastic. However, they did regret that it would mean that I had to move to America. Thanks to their support and positive reactions I was able to go to America with a good feeling.

I started writing my first book and John fully helped me with the book. He read the whole book well and told what he would change. His tips were genius. I used all his tips optimally and the book was perfect. John took care of the sales and everything went booming. I was curious about the sales figures as this was my first book that I wrote in English. The relief was great when I saw the sales figures. It is a kind of recognition of your work.Jackpot City

In the following years I have written books and a collaboration with John. He always helped me when it was needed. I worked with John for 5 years and then started to write completely independently and I took over the process that John did for me. However, we still have very good contact. When we are writing books we ask each other for help and give each other honest feedback. When we finish the books, we always read the entire book and post a comment where necessary. This way we ensure that our work is perfect when it goes to the stores.

In the years that I know John, a special relationship has come between us. He feels like my father, but at the same time my best friend. We have a lot of common ground and can philosophize hours about topics. Writing and reading is our passion and no one will take that away from us. We like to write about forgotten topics and to teach people things with the books. To give the people life lessons that they will do in an unnoticed way. To give people things about life and our outlook on life. That is what makes writing for John and me so beautiful and spec