Who is Teresa Ogno


My name is Teresa Ogno, I am 43 years old and I live in America. I was born in Rotterdam. When I was 26 years old I moved to New York to follow my dream. Become a great writer. I used to always find it difficult to get out of my words and I stuttered a lot. For a long time I was very insecure about myself because of the stuttering and because of this it only got worse. Because of my insecurity, I liked to write. I had a very nice handwriting and I could put my words on paper without hesitations, limitations, or whatever. My words were transferred fluently to paper. Mr Green

Writing was so good to me that I had a lot of fun in writing. I read a lot of books and was very impressed by good writers. At a young age I already read adult books with more than 400 pages. I read these books easily within 2 weeks. I also found English books very interesting. My father was born in America, so I have a good basis in the English language from an early age.

High school period

From the age of 15 I was able to speak, listen and write fluently English. I followed bilingual education at VWO level and continued to the University for Literature. Writing remained my passion and never got boring. Writing about my own fantasy was one of my favorite things. I also liked to do research on a subject and write about it. One of my first studies was the KKK. I have read a lot of books and beamed the internet to write a report about the organization and the origin of the KKK. Of course I did use this report for school ;).

In high school we had to do an investigation into addictions. I have opted for an online casino addiction. I have extensively studied de beste online casinos van Nederland Kroon Casino, Party Casino, Mr Green and Leovegas. I have put 20 euro on each casino and have looked if I could make more money out of it. I also looked if I had the urge to put more money on the casinos. In addition, I have read books about the casinos, about people who have won a lot of money at an online casino, about people who have lost a lot of money at an online casino and about people who are busy with online gambling day and night.

To return to my own urge to put extra money into my account at the online casinos. At Kroon Casino, Jackpot City and Mr Green, I did not feel the need to put more money into my account. At Leovegas I had a small urge to put more money on my account. I won a bit money here and I felt I could get more out of it. In the end I did not put any extra money into my account. Because of the stories I read, I started to think about possible consequences more consciously and I no longer had the benefit of putting more money into my account. I would not have the luck to win anyway. Then I played the game book of ra online echtgeld and won a lot of money.

I finally received a 9.6 for the report about the addcitions of online gambling. I had done a lot of research, formulated everything neatly and described the source references. Because I enjoyed doing the research, reading and writing, I invested much more time and attention than needed. That is why the teacher was amazed at the end result.

The literature academy

I knew what I wanted from a very young age. I wanted to be a writer. That is why I was very happy that I could finish off high school. Now I did not have to follow boring subjects such as economics, history and mathematics. I could determine my own direction. Of course I chose the Literature School and started with full of conviction and excitement. I never had the thought in the summer that I wanted to go to school, but in the summer before my education started I really wanted the education to start. Because of this feeling, the summer was also very slow. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and of course I read a lot of books. However, this did not help to reduce the feeling.

When the first day of school arrived I was very nervous. I arrived in a class full of new people. There were 18 girls and 3 boys in my class. Everyone was a bit the same and I soon made new friends. Everyone could interact with each other in the classroom and regularly we did nice things together. That’s how we occasionally went out for dinner or went to a club.

During my school period I learned a lot and I came in contact with many Dutch writers. I also came into contact with a number of American writers. I wrote a novel for my graduation assignment. This book even went to a printing company and eventually came on the shelves of a number of bookstores. The book was sold quite a lot and I was immediately asked to write a new book. The same printing company wanted to print my books again and make sure they came to be in more stores. I could not say no to this offer and so I started writing. I did not want a novel this time. I wanted to be an all-round writer. Someone who can write about everything and no genre would be less than any other. I also wanted to write not only books but wanted to write articles and eventually start my own magazine.